Uniform Civil Code in Hindi Details! एक देश एक कानून Explain in India

By | September 18, 2023

Uniform Civil Code in Hindi Details एक देश एक कानून हिंदी में Draft, Explain in India. What is UCC Law, benefits, meaning, news, and justice. UCC which has known as the Uniform Civil Code has come to India with the help of the Law Commission. According to the details Law Commission has stated that they have asked about the views of the Indian public on the topic of the Uniform Civil Code (One Nation One Law). Moreover, to know about it they have also invited social bodies as well as religious persons for sharing their perspectives about this new UCC Law. So all those people who want to know about it can check below given details.

Uniform Civil Code in Hindi

हम आज आपके लिए Uniform Civil Code in India से जुडी कुछ जानकारी लाएं हैं जो की विभिन्न ऑनलाइन पोर्टल के माध्यम से ली गई हैं। इसका मुख्य तर्क है की हमारे देश में जो माइनॉरिटी ग्रुप से जुड़े लोग उन्हें भी बाकि भारतियों के सामान मिलने वाले लॉ के अंतर्गत लाया जाए। ताकि हमारे देश में सभी नागरिक समान रूप से जी पाएं। ऐसे बहुत से कानून माइनॉरिटी ग्रुप में बनाएं गए हैं जिसकी वजह से उन लोगो पर कानून की कुछ धरायें सामान नहीं हैं । ऐसे में अगर यह लॉ आता है तो सायद एक सामान पर्सनल लॉ भी हो पायेगा।

In addition, the main concern has that whether these UCC Laws which has reformed, should go to involve religious leaders or other groups leader which come under this law. According to the principle of Roman, What touches all should be approved by all. So now the Law Commission of India has going to come up with ideas and also invited people for their views on the topic of the Uniform Civil Code in India. There have people who also know about UCC Law Benefits, Notice, and News. Because this has the new law which has required in the society or not this has a main concern.

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UCC Law in Hindi

Moreover, Uniform Civil Code has also welcomed the view over concurrence with the mandate of constitutional and judicial observation obedience. Check UCC Law in Hindi. In addition, the Law Commission of India has previously observed that there has an issue with the Uniform Civil Code. After examining all the facts as well as the views of religious leaders then the Law Commission of India going to take a step.

Due to this, there has appeal also come along with any questions or doubts on 7th October 2016. Then there has public appeals or notices has come on 19th March, 27th March 2018, and 10th April 2018. There have people who want to know about Uniform Civil Code Benefits. So here we have come to update you about the information which we have read on the internet. Because there have various portals that came with UCC Law in Hindi News, Update.

Uniform Civil Code in Hindi

Uniform Civil Code in Hindi

एक देश एक कानून हिंदी में

Through this aspirants can also know about the main concern of this new law. Due to this, we have also come to help you out. However, this law has not become the rule now. But the government of we can say the Law Commission of India has going to make it implemented if this has good for the people of India.

Title of Article UCC Law in Hindi Uniform Civil Code in India, Benefits, News, Notice
Name of Law Uniform Civil Code (UCC)
Name of Organization Law Commission of India
Year 2023
Category of Article Benefits/ News/ Notice
Main Concern to come up with personal laws of a citizen with quality for all citizens
Applicable in India
Beneficiaries Citizen of India

एक देश एक कानून क्या है?

As we know that India has diversity in people’s religions also. So there have eight major religions and there have multiple sects available to the people who are citizens of India. Moreover, there has diversity available in our culture in which there have practices which have related to guardianship, adoption, marriage, child custody, divorce, inheritance, and maintenance applications. Read UCC Law in India. Moreover, this has come with citizens of India mainly based on the religion they observed.

In addition, the constitution has also restricted the ruling establishment through which they have discriminated in which there have citizens or their classes of citizens which have applicable on the ground of religion as per Article 15. According to the Uniform Civil Code, there has a constitution in which fortunately there have various criteria.

Uniform Civil Code Explain

And to make the rights of every citizen somewhat the same the Law of the Commission has going to make provisions through which UCC has enlisted in Article 44  has going to find a place with the chapter on directive principles of State Policy (DPSP) which has come with a form to solve the tension of constitutional. Moreover, this provision also waiting for its release.

Uniform Civil Code Law in India: Different communities under minority

  • Sikhs
  • Buddhists
  • Muslims
  • Zoroastrians (Parsis)
  • Jain
  • Christians

Before this, there have various cases in which the person will not able to get the benefit or got a disadvantage because of that now the Law Commission of India has going to provide UCC Law in India Benefits but before that, this should be passed.

Uniform Civil Code in India

Due to this, now the commission has asked for views related to this law. According to the latest update their has seven states till now came forward with strict mooting of the necessity of applying UCC Law. Moreover in Uttarakhand state, the elected government has also made a committee under the supervision of the aegis of Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai. Although she is retired she has going to make a committee to examine this issue.

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According to Uniform Civil Code, it has a proposal for our country to implement as well as formulate, personal laws for citizens in which all citizens should come in equality regardless of gender, religion, and sexual orientation in India.

Uniform Civil Code Gender Justice

UCC Law in India has now come with a bus with the latest news to make every citizen equal. As we know that there has various community which comes from minorities and their lawyer has different clause which has governed by their religious scriptures. Moreover, the implementation of UCC has going to happen across the nation which has one of the main laws which has going to change the situation in our country.

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