Nipun Bharat Mission 2023 Guidelines, Online Registration, Login

By | September 20, 2023

You have to read our article to get precise information about Nipun Bharat Mission 2023. Because in this you have been told how you can register for it. Along with this, you will also be provided step-by-step information about the process of login in.

Nipun Bharat Mission 2023

This scheme has been launched by the Central Govt. Which was started on 5th July. The main objective of this scheme is to develop Basic Literacy and Numerical Knowledge for the students. Through this scheme, by 2026-27, students will have the ability to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic up to class III. This scheme will also help a lot in the development of the children. Under this scheme, all children can learn basic literacy and numeracy knowledge on time.

Types of Basic Literacy and Numeracy in Nipun Bharat Mission 2023

Basic Literacy

  • Oral language development
  • Phonetic awareness
  • Decoding
  • Glossary
  • Reading flow
  • Concept of print
  • Writing
  • Culture of reading
  • Reading comprehension

Basic Numeracy

  • Measurement
  • Size and local society
  • Mathematical techniques
  • Pattern
  • Prior Number Concepts
  • Number and Operation on Number

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Focus on Student Learning in Nipun Bharat Mission 2023

While teaching the teacher, you have to keep some important things in mind. Which are as follows-

  • Teachers should make gender-based statements while talking in class.
  • Teachers should show respect and show reasonable expectations for both boys and girls in the class.
  • Should be free from gender discrimination when selecting books, pictures, toys, posters, etc.
  • Teachers should encourage students to follow their interests.
  • Such stories or poems should be selected in which both girls and boys are present in common roles.

National Scenario of Nipun Bharat Mission 2023

  • Focus on the quality of education
  • Pay attention to education
  • Measuring the Achievement of Learning Quantities
  • Attention to the magnitude of children’s learning

Parts of Nipun Bharat Mission 2023

  • Introduction
  • DIKSHA/NDEAR: Leverage: A repository of digital resources
  • Parent and community engagement
  • Monitoring and Information Technology Framework
  • Mission Sustainability
  • Understanding Basic Language and Literacy
  • Basic Numeracy and Math Skills
  • School Preparation
  • National Mission: Aspects and Approach
  • Mission strategic plan
  • Role of various stakeholders in mission implementation
  • Academic Literature through SCERT and DIET
  • Need for Research, Evaluation, and Documentation
  • Shifting to Competency-Based Education
  • Education and Learning: Focus on the potential and development of children
  • Learning assessment
  • Teaching-Learning Process: Role of Teacher

Need for Basic Language and Literacy

  • Early literacy development has a very important role in the brain development of students.
  • 85% of children’s brains are developed by the age of 6 years, so it is important to provide early basic language and literacy to children.
  • Literacy and mathematical skills should be made available to strengthen the language foundation for better education of children in the future.
  • All children could read comprehension if they were provided with basic language and literacy as part of the Mathura pilot project’s findings.

Primary Language and Literacy

  • To develop writing skills through Emergent Writing, Conventional Writing, and Writing Composition during the period of elementary education
  • Reading and writing comprehension
  • Concept of writing in class

Some Points of Nipun Bharat Mission 2023

Some important steps to enhance language and Literacy development are:-

  • Songs and Rhymes
  • Sharing experience
  • Drama and Role Play
  • Picture reading
  • Mid-day meal
  • Creating a Print Prosperity Environment
  • Read aloud
  • Share trading
  • Using classroom walls
  • Experience writing
  • Listening, Telling, and Writing Stories and Poems

Basic Language and Key Components of Literacy

  • Glossary
  • Decoding
  • Reading effect
  • Oral language development
  • Awareness through Dhavani
  • Reading culture
  • Reading comprehension
  • Concept of print
  • Writing

Significant Components of Elementary Mathematics

  • Data storage
  • Mathematical communication
  • Free number concepts
  • Number and Operation on Number
  • Pattern
  • Size and spatial understanding
  • Measurement

Elementary Math Skills Required

  • Contribution of basic numeracy in employment and at the household level
  • Use of numbers and spatial understanding in daily life
  • To develop logical thinking and reasoning in daily life
  • Significance of Mathematical Foundations during the Early Years

Basic Numeracy and Maths Skills

  • Using copies representing quantities
  • Understanding of quantities
  • Comparing numbers
  • Develop an understanding of more or less and smaller or larger
  • Ability to establish relationships between a single object and a group of objects

Education Process for Fundamental Mathematical Skills

  • Co-education
  • Enjoy math
  • Linking mathematics with other subjects
  • Understanding children’s mistakes
  • Linking maths with daily life
  • To communicate mathematically, ETC.

Features of Competency-Based Education

  • Through this, students will get a unique experience.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving approach can also be developed through this scheme.
  • Explicit and masterful amounts of learning can also be achieved through Competency-Based Learning.
  • Through this, you can also find out where students are getting difficulties in education.

Components of Education and Learning Process

  • Learning environment
  • Content
  • The suggested educational process for the achievement of families of learning
    • Enabling environment provided by teachers
    • Pedagogical practice
    • Various learning facilities
    • Planning activities
  • Planning in advance
  • Methods of adoption of age and developmentally appropriate educational practices

Capacity Building of Teachers

  • Through counseling in the early years
  • Through elementary arithmetic
  • Identifying children with special needs in the early years
  • Through assessment in the early years
  • Through the society of basic learners
  • Promote the role of parents and community in basic literacy and numeracy
  • Through early language and literacy etc.

The goal of School-Based Assessment

  • Making children effective communicators
    • Under School Based Assessment, making children’s mother tongue the language of the communicator so that they can put their point in front of the communicator.
    • Development of laughter
    • Importance of non-verbal communication
    • Deputy Commissioner for Language and Basic Literacy Demonstration
  • Children’s Health
    • physical development
    • Children’s social and emotional progress
    • Exercise and sports
    • Aspects of cleanliness
    • Arranging objects, toys, ETC.
  • Making children involved learners
    • Encourage making stories
    • Providing a chance to understand the physical environment
    • Portfolio
    • Development of question bank 
    • Giving children a variety of projects and tasks
    • Manufacture of audio-visual tools for assessment etc.

Stakeholders of Nipun Bharat Mission 2023

  • Central Board of Secondary Education
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
  • States and Union Territories
  • National council of educational research and training
  • Civil society organizations
  • District Education Officer & Block Education Officer
  • Block Resource Center and Cluster Resource Center
  • Headteacher
  • School management committee
  • Volunteer
  • Community and parents
  • Private school
  • State Council of Educational Research and Training
  • District Institute of Education and Training
  • Non-government Organization

Digital Content for Literacy

  • Availability of Children’s Literature
  • Through the grammar question bank
  • Reading with typing
  • Reading comprehension

Using the Diksha Platform for Nipun Bharat Mission 2023

  • Onboarding of teachers
  • Providing training to state aid teams
  • Define training objectives
  • Communication and outreach
  • Take advantage of available contacts

Different Ways to Connect Family & Community

  • Parent-teacher meeting
  • Running a variety of programs
  • Constantly sending parents information about school activities and the progress of the child.
  • Give assignments
  • Regular activities can also be done in the community
  • Arrangement of the workshop on parenting
  • Providing information about children’s progress to parents through email, WhatsApp, etc.

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